The Causes of Gum Recession and Your Options for Treatment

Gum recession is a common problem among patients, even those who have typically good hygiene and dental health. In most cases, recession is very gradual and therefore not immediately noticeable. However, if the source is not identified and addressed, ongoing recession can negatively impact a smile and lead to loosening teeth.

Causes Of Gum Recession
• Periodontal disease
• Aggressive brushing and flossing
• Bruxism (teeth grinding)
• Use of tobacco products
• Genetic predispositions
• Changes in hormone levels

Common Signs Of Gum Recession
One of the first signs of receding gums is tooth sensitivity. If you notice that your teeth become sensitive when you eat and drink hot and cold items, you may have exposed roots that are causing discomfort. If you can feel a notch forming at the gum line with your tongue or your teeth look much larger than the others, you may have some degree of gum recession.

Treatment For Gum Recession
There are numerous treatments for gum recession to consider. If caused by periodontal disease, it is first necessary to bring that infection under control. This can be done with a combination of antiseptic rinses and antibiotics. The recession itself can be dealt with through soft tissue augmentation techniques, which are surgical grafting procedures that help rebuild a patient’s gum line.

Keys To Preventing Gum Recession
Taking good care of your oral health by coming in for regular checkups and maintaining a consistent brushing and flossing routine can protect gum health and reduce the risk of gum recession. Making sure you are using the right tooth brushing technique and refraining from grinding or clenching your teeth can also help prevent receding gums. Some patients benefit from wearing a night guard or correcting their misaligned teeth to reduce their risk of gum recession.

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