Crown Lengthening: Purpose and Procedure

Crown lengthening is an easy, fast treatment that can make a significant difference in your smile. Crown lengthening is a procedure in which a portion of the gum tissue is removed to expose more of the tooth structure. Sometimes it also involves removing bone that normally surrounds the tooth roots.

Restorative Crown Lengthening
Restorative crown lengthening is recommended is when a tooth requires a crown, but only a small portion of it shows above the gum line. This can occur if the tooth has been broken off due to trauma or if the tooth is naturally very small. In this case, we will remove enough gum tissue and bone tissue if necessary to expose the tooth enough to make room for a permanent crown.

This procedure can also be recommended if a tooth is decayed below the gum line. Gum tissue is removed to expose the decayed area so that it may be properly treated. After the area of the tooth is exposed, your dentist can remove the decay and place a filling to restore the tooth.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening
If your teeth are small and do not look correctly proportioned for the size of your face, crown lengthening can make them look longer and give you a more balanced smile. The procedure might involve one tooth or several teeth depending upon the final appearance your desire.

Whether crown lengthening is performed for restorative or cosmetic reasons, it is done in the same way. The procedure is performed in a dental office under local anesthesia. Gum tissue is reflected and removed or reshaped. If necessary, bone is also removed. When the desired contours are achieved, the gum tissue is secured with sutures. Proper care is necessary to prevent infection or other complications, as with any surgery. After healing of esthetic crown lengthening, your smile will be more balanced and attractive.

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