Gum Disease: The Benefits of Treatment

Gum disease is a progressive condition that begins with an excessive build-up of bacteria in the mouth, particularly along the gum line at the base of the teeth. Patients with periodontal disease experience bleeding, swollen gums, and other symptoms that could result in worse health problems if left unchecked.

Benefits Of Gum Disease Treatment
No matter what type of gum disease treatment is determined to be most appropriate for each patient and their unique case of gum disease, the benefits that result should be the same. Gum disease treatment allows patients to restore good oral health, prevent further dental complications, and promote good overall health.

Restoration Of Oral Health
The primary goal of gum disease treatment is to restore good oral health. By eliminating bacteria, plaque, and tartar from the mouth, we are able to treat infected gums and restore pink, healthy gum tissue. Gum disease treatment eliminates swelling, tenderness, and bleeding of the gums, and allows for the restoration of comfortable oral functions. Treatment can promote the growth of new, healthy gum tissue, preventing gum recession and encouraging the gums to once again fit closely around the teeth.

Prevention Of Dental Complications
Another benefit of gum disease treatment is that it helps to prevent more serious oral health problems. Patients who suffer from gum disease are more likely to experience decay, due to the high level of bacteria in the mouth. As the gums recede, protecting the teeth from bacteria becomes more difficult. Gum recession can lead to loose teeth, and eventually tooth loss.

Overall Health Benefits
As an added benefit, gum disease treatment can promote good overall health and, especially, heart health. Studies confirm that the health of the heart and body is directly linked to oral health, with a particular connection between heart disease and gum disease. By treating gum disease and restoring good oral health, patients benefit their overall health as well.

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