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Advanced Periodontitis: Why Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Gum disease is bacterial infection of the gum tissue. This is caused by the oral bacteria in the mouth. In its earliest stages, gum disease can cause bleeding gums, bad breath, and tooth sensitivity. In later stages of gum disease, patients experience much more severe symptoms.

What Is Advanced Periodontitis?
Untreated mild or moderate periodontal disease will lead to advanced periodontitis. At this stage, the gum tissue is very swollen and softened, and significant gum recession may have occurred. The issues are such that the gum disease affects the health of the teeth and the jawbone. Tooth decay at the gum line, loosened teeth, shifting of tooth position, and even tooth loss are all possible if advanced periodontitis sets in and it left untreated.

Why Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary
Advanced periodontitis does not just result in tooth loss, it can also affect the surrounding area. Tooth extraction prevents infections from spreading and averts additional tooth loss.

Treatments Following Tooth Extraction
Following a tooth extraction for advanced periodontitis, it is common to consider gum grafting and ridge augmentation procedures in order to improve the health and quality of the gum tissue that has been affected the disease. This process rebuilds the gum line using donor soft tissue or artificial gum grafts. Bone grafting may also be done depending on the amount of bone loss that has been sustained as a result of the gum disease.

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