Benefits of Using a Water Flosser

Gum disease is a preventable disease condition, but at times you may still find that even with proper care there may be areas in your mouth that are more prone to persistent problems than others. The most effective way to prevent gum disease is to have absolutely impeccable oral hygiene habits.

In a patient with advanced periodontal disease, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth and create deep pockets, too deep for traditional toothbrushes and floss to reach. If the areas inside these pockets do not get clean, bacteria can grow there and make gum disease worse.

Benefits Of Using A Water Flosser
Any patient who struggles with using regular floss or has periodontal disease should incorporate a water flosser like a Waterpik into their daily routines. A water flosser’s pulsing action and adjustable pressure can clean deep inside the hard to reach pockets that gum disease creates. Even healthy teeth can benefit from the better performance.

Research suggests that water flossers may be objectively more effective than traditional flossing. The stream of water is actually believed to remove more plaque than traditional floss because it can reach several millimeters deeper under the gums in areas of gum disease. Traditional floss can only get about three millimeters under the gums, where water flossing is believed to reach up to seven millimeters below them. This is a great benefit for patients with dental implants and those who had just undergone surgery to correct gum disease.

In addition to the deeper clean, other benefits to using a water flosser include:
• The easy to grip handle is easier for those with arthritis or dexterity issues to use than traditional string floss.
• Water flossers are gentler on gums than string floss, which can hurt and cause bleeding.
• You can also add an antibacterial mouthwash to the water flosser’s reservoir.
• It is faster and easier than string flossing. It takes around one minute to clean the entire mouth with a water flosser.

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