Need for Bone Grafting

For some, bone grafts are required before dental implants because of inadequate bone. A dental implant is a titanium root replacement. It is inserted into the jaw, and as the bone heals, it fuses the root into the mouth structure. However, you have to have a good foundation for the titanium root to be placed, otherwise the restored tooth will not look or feel natural, and the implant will fail. Adequate bone structure is needed for an implant to integrate properly. This is where bone grafting comes in. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure used to replace the missing bone, and provide the needed support for a dental implant to be successful.

The most common reasons you may need bone grafts prior to dental implants include:
• Insufficient width – This may be due to abnormalities in growth, or damage, but sufficient width is needed for an implant to anchor successfully

• Insufficient bone height – This is critical as it ensures the dental implant is properly anchored to support the stress of biting and chewing food

• Insufficient bone caused by the removal of cysts or tumors in the mouth – If the removal of a cyst or tumor also required the removal of some of the bone, there may not be enough remaining for the dental implant to be successful

• Not enough bone due to gum disease or injury – Gum disease and injury can lead to there not being enough bone for a successful dental implant

• Inadequate bone as a result of previous tooth or teeth removal

Consultation Appointment
Consult with Dr. Brete Moran about your specific needs to determine which options will offer you the most success. We will carefully review your history, the condition of your mouth, and get the proper x-rays and scans to determine whether or not a bone graft will be needed prior to dental implants. Call us at 203-433-0384 for Branford Office or 203-285-8163 for Milford Office.

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