Using Implants to Stabilize Dentures

ne of the most common complaints patients have with dentures, is that overtime they become loose. This makes it extremely difficult to eat and chew foods comfortably. In addition to this, an individual’s self-confidence is often compromised as they worry that their dentures may move around when speaking or smiling. Although denture adhesives do help hold the denture in position, the paste can be a little difficult to apply and a messy process. If these daily struggles are something you can relate to then your best option could be to stabilize your denture with dental implants.

How Do Dental Implants Help Stabilize Dentures?
It is possible to use as little as four dental implants to securely fix your denture in place.
Dental implants are placed where there is sufficient bone. Once the implants are integrated in the jaw, small retaining elements are attached to the implant and used to hold the denture securely in place. By undergoing a simple denture stabilization technique your life can be transformed, as your confidence will once again be restored.

Is The Implant Denture Stabilization Technique Expensive?
When evaluating the cost of the treatment, it is important to weigh up the long-term benefits of the solution. An implant-supported denture provides such superior confidence and comfort to patients.

There are two common treatment options for you to choose from regarding implant-supported dentures. One option includes creating a custom made denture to accompany the placed implants or alternatively you could opt for the more cost effective solution known as the mini-implant which is used in conjunction with your existing dentures. The latter involves a simple surgery where your existing dentures are modified to incorporate the retaining elements of the implant.

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